Webinar content

APAC workshop on the use of virtual technology to achieve successful remote assessment activities


The COVID 19 SARS COV-2 pandemic has had a significant impact on the ability of ABs to perform assessment activities which to date have relied upon face to face interaction.

Technology is available to facilitate continued accreditation activities remotely and ISO/IEC 17011, Clause 7.6.2 allows for the remote assessment of a CAB

The use of virtual technology has the ability to reduce costs in both time and travel expenses but will require significant thought and planning by ABs to be effective in delivering accreditation services.

Workshop content

·        Definition of a remote assessment activity

·        Consideration of technology requirements

·        Potential and limitations of remote activities

·        “Case studies” from ABs conducting virtual assessment activities

·        Discussion of APAC TEC0-001

Expected outcomes

This workshop will focus on the items to be considered by an AB when undertaking virtual assessments.

Participants will:

·        Define and understand the concept of remote and virtual assessment activities

·        Understand the infrastructure required by CABs to achieve reliable connectivity and how to build in backups and failsafe approaches if required.

·        Review the requirements of ISO/IEC 17011 regarding remote assessment activities

·        Consider guidance to be provided to CABs

·        Understand the training/guidance to be provided to assessment teams

·        *Review the draft APAC TEC0-001 Guidance on Remote Assessments

*Participants are requested to download and review APAC TEC0 -001 prior to the workshop.