Background and Disclaimer

The content of the APAC Knowledge Centre includes materials and recordings of online webinars and e-learning courses that APAC has undertaken for its Members and Affiliates, and is primarily for personnel of accreditation bodies in the Asia Pacific region, APAC evaluators and APAC stakeholders.

The content has generally been prepared on a volunteer basis by the technical personnel of APAC Members and Affiliates based on their own knowledge and experience. The views expressed by facilitators and students do not necessarily represent the view of their specific organizations. In many cases the content is in the form of a dialogue which compares and contrasts different understandings and applications of accreditation requirements based on relevant ISO/IEC conformity assessment standards and IAF or ILAC policies and guidance.

During the initial stages of the APAC Knowledge Centre, course materials, video recordings, etc. have been uploaded as received from the facilitators and as recorded with a basic level of video editing. Over time it is hoped the course content will be updated and be presented in a enhanced format.

The content of the APAC Knowledge Centre is provided publicly in good faith, and APAC does not formally approve, endorse or otherwise provide any warrantee of any of the content or any of the opinions being expressed. If viewers of the online webinars and e-learning materials wish to gain further information, or a more definitive understanding of how accreditation requirements may apply in any specific case, they are encouraged to contact their relevant APAC Member directly.

While some of the e-learning courses include quizzes and examination questions these are simply aids to facilitate knowledge acquisition based on the course content. Completed quizzes and examination questions that may be part of course completion do not constitute any form of competency assessment by APAC.

Students enrolling in the e-learning courses are encouraged to have read and be familiar with the specific standards and IAF or ILAC policies or guidance that relate to their course prior to starting.

Completion certificates are not issued after viewing the APAC webinar recordings.

Course completion certificates are generally automatically issued by the system for e-learning courses once the student has viewed all materials, fully viewed every session presentation and video recording, and completed all quiz and examination questions.